Thetaland® Online

You embark on an adventure journey through your own worlds of thought in Thetaland®, the (still) unexplored inner continent. You start to search for what you already vaguely sense and wish to express in concrete words.

At each of Thetaland®’s dwellings you can explore your own theme in a particular way by answering questions.

  • Home as a base camp provides security and it is a place to find a topic.
  • The idyllic garden is a place for you to rest from the rigors of your adventure journey.
  • In the foggy valley you can take your time to track the vague, often physically felt hunches.
  • Atop the volcano is where you will feel the heat of the matter where the most appropriate solutions emerge.
  • The sculptor is all about bringing the conceptual essence of the topic to the point in a linguistic way.
  • With a clear view of the glade, you are able to capture the essential findings of the

Questions invite you to linger in thought and dialogue with your inner world of experience.

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