Thetaland™ is a
professional tool for education,
coaching, and facilitation.

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Find Solutions Playfully

Thetaland™ helps to lift the wealth of experience of individuals, and it brings that which comes to light into fruitful communication with others. 


Thetaland™ Toolkit

Imagine a whole undiscovered continent is hidden deep inside of you.

The Thetaland™ Toolkit is the central tool for your work with individuals and groups.

Erschließe möglichst viele Anwendungen des originären Denkens

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Thetaland's Keyfeatures

To make it easy for you, we have not made it easy for us. 
Here is our high standard in developing the tool:

A game is fun and it makes original thinking flexibly applicable

A game meets the challenge of using Thinking at the Edge, a thinking with the implicit, without having to learn the method beforehand. The joy of playing Thetaland™ opens up spaces for independent and thorough thoughts, wherever original thinking is needed.

The players are well taken care of

Creative thinking challenges the whole person. Working creatively is like a birth process. Thetaland ™ is not just about contents and results, but also about the the well-being of the people. It creates safety and confidence to explore new paths of thinking and designing.

Access to the wisdom of the body is made possible

Much of the thinking happens unconsciously. The wisdom of the body is not loud, it has to be experienced and felt. The dwellings invite you to take the time it takes to think in an experiential way and to lift your wealth of experience.

Original thinking in teams

Nor are individual views and team results mutually exclusive. On the contrary, solving complex problems or tackling difficult tasks requires the wisdom of everyone in the team. Thetaland™ enables to bring individual insights together to a common outcome, even if they are contradictory.

The conception of Thetaland was scientificaly accompanied  by research activities at the  University of Würzburg in Germany.

Trainings & Services

We will not leave you alone with the materials. We offer a comprehensive service as a companion for professional applications.

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In co-creation we develop tailored Thetaland™ – dwellings for specific contexts of use. That is deeply satisfying and greatly contributes to everyone’s journey.

Thetaland carries forward further.

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