Tread New Paths of Thought in Thetaland

Elegant and Professional

Thetaland is a professional tool for education, coaching and facilitation. Aesthetics and ease of use were the leading points for designing the tool. The development of the tool was scientifically accompanied by research activities at the University of Würzburg for five years.


Thetaland Toolkit

The Thetaland™ Toolkit is the central tool for your work with individuals and with groups. Good questions support the thinking processes of the players. The duration of a single group session can be between thirty minutes and several hours. Thetaland™ questions can also be flexibly embedded into the work with individuals.


I just got the Thetaland yesterday, and this morning I played it first time by myself (30 min game time). Oh boy, it really worked! I had a complex situation with other people and I needed to react to it today. Going through the questions and writing about them gave me so deep understanding about the whole situation and some very surprising connections that I had had no clue about. After it I was able to “react” to the issue so beautifully and warmly, which would have not been the case without playing the game. The response what I received from the counterparts afterwards was so beautiful.

Maria Hakasalo, Finland

On a Journey Together

This is possible with Thetaland™:

Having Fun Thinking

The joy of playing Thetaland™ opens up spaces for unique thoughts - wherever creative thinking is needed.

Personal Well-Being

Original thinking is like a birth process in which habitual paths are left. Thetaland® takes care for the players and creates stability and security.

Playful Depth

Much of the thinking happens unconsciously. The dwellings invite you to take the time it takes to raise awareness of personal experience.

Contradictions are Resources

It takes the wisdom of all stakeholders to solve complex problems. Thetaland™ helps to bring contradictory findings fruitfully together.

Playing Thetaland™ is Original Thinking

Thetaland™ is based on Thinking at the Edge (TAE), a philosophically sound methodology which is scientifically researched. The Thetaland™ toolkit provides this methodology in a way to be used effortlessly by every player.

Trainings & Services

We will not leave you alone with the materials. We offer a comprehensive service as a companion for professional applications.

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Thetaland™ Art

Tailored production according to your needs: in co-creation we develop dwellings specifically for you and your target audience. You can also choose materials and manufacturing processes.

Thetaland™ carries forward.

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