Variants & Extensions

Thetaland Kickstart

A simplified version of the Thetaland basic tool for quick entry. Six types of question cards and a dice – that’s all it takes to start playing immediately.

Thetaland Toolkit

The Thetaland Toolkit is your central tool for working with individuals and groups. In the basic variant, the question cards and hexagons of the dwellings are printed on sturdy cardboard. In the wood variant, the hexagons are made of fine Birchwood, and in the business variant, the hexagons are made of brushed aluminum. The art variant creates an absolutely unique feeling of a creative atmosphere.

The toolkit gives you in each variant the full equipment for the conduct of original Thetaland sessions.

Extension 1: Meanings

The first expansion is dedicated to “fine-tuning the language.” The implicit knowledge is revealed by the interplay of experiencing and linguistic symbolization. New meanings are precisely differentiated. The result is wording that vividly describes your individual wisdom and is readily understood.

Extension 2: Practical Relevance

“From practice to practice” is the motto of the second expansion. Players explore situations they have lived and systematically derive connections and conceptual patterns from relevant events. “Aha” moments allow players to understand the events and concrete ideas for action to emerge. Their application to current tasks and problem situations in practice leads to unsuspected yet practical solutions.

Extension 3: Theory Formation

The central concern of science and research is to put concepts together so that a consistent theory emerges that captures the core of a field or topic. The subject of the third expansion is how individual concepts and contexts can be transformed into a linguistic form that serves as a model. The motto is “interlock concepts consistently.”

Extension 4: Learning from Each Other

The fourth expansion is dedicated entirely to the interaction between the players to integrate their individually developed insights with the experience of other players, thus inspiring new ideas and thoughts among the group. The insights of individual group members intermesh into a coherent whole, which all participants support—the group thus moves “from the ego to us.”

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